Tribology Notes | Hand-Written Notes Downloadable


Tribology Notes | Hand-Written Notes Downloadable are written by Ashish sir. In which it Cover ch-1 to Ch-5 you can check the notes syllabus before purchasing

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Tribology Notes | Hand-Written Notes Downloadable

[1] Introduction, history of tribology, early scientific studies of – friction, Wear Lubrication. Tribo-Surface preparations and characteristics. Surface contacts, Hertz contact stresses, residual stress, surface fatigue, creep, stress relaxation, fracture mechanics, elastic, visco elastic and plastic behavior of materials. Choice of materials.

[2] Friction, laws of friction, rolling/sliding friction, theory of adhesion and abrasion, different mechanisms of friction , stick slip characteristics, interface temperature, thermal analysis, Molecular mechanical theory of friction, operating conditions and system parameters, calculations of coefficient of friction, design of friction devices.

[3] Wear, different types of wear mechanisms, adhesive, abrasive impact,percussion erosion, fretting wear calculations of wear rate, two body/ three body wear, wear prevention, wear of metal cutting and metal forming tools, wear mapping of materials, cavitation, surface fatigue, corrosion, performance levels classifications and specifications of lubricants,

[4] Lubrication, lubricants and additives, composition and properties of lubricants, maintenance of oil and emulsions, industrial hygiene aspects, technical regulations for lubricants. boundary/ mixed and fluid film lubrication, industrial methods of lubrications, SAE,BIS, ASTM, IP, DIN Standards.oil testings.wear and chemistry of lubricants.

[5] Nano tribology, Instrumental tests,. Bearings, clutches and brakes, slide units, dynamic seals, Automobile applications, machine tools/ press machines applications. Other applications and case studies

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