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Theory Of Machine Pdf Notes || Handwritten Notes || Mechanical Engineering || Written By Ashish Sir

Full chapter notes ch-1 to ch-6

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Theory Of Machine Pdf Notes || Handwritten Notes || Mechanical Engineering || Written By Ashish Sir

“The subject Theory of Machines may be defined as that branch of Engineering-science, which deals with the study of relative motion between the various parts of a machine, and forces which act on them. The knowledge of this subject is very essential for an engineer in designing the various parts of a machine.”


Theory Of Machine Notes Syllabus​

1. Mechanisms and Machines: Links, Pairs, Chains, Structure, Mechanism, Machine, Equivalent linkage, Degrees of freedom, Gruebler’s & Kutzback’s criterion, Inversions of four bar chain, Mechanism with lower pairs Pantograph, Straight line motion mechanisms, Davis and Ackermann’s steering mechanisms, Hooke’s joint, Numerical problems based on above topics..

2.Gears: Classification of gears, Helical, Spiral, Bevel, Worm and Spur Gear, Spur Gear Terminology, Law of gearing, Tooth profiles, , velocity of sliding, Path of contact, Arc of contact, Contact Ratio, Interference and Undercutting, , Conjugate action, Numerical problems based on above topics

3. Gear Trains : Simple, compound, reverted and epi cyclic gear trains . Velocity ratio and torque calculation in gear trains

4. Cams: Classification of Cams and Followers, Radial Cam Terminology, Analysis of Follower motion (uniform, modified uniform, simple harmonic, parabolic, cycloidal), Pressure Angle, Radius of Curvature, Cam Profile for radial and offset followers Synthesis of Cam Profile by Graphical Approach, Cams with Specified Contours.

5. Gyroscope: Gyroscopic Action in Machines, Angular Velocity and Acceleration, Gyroscopic torque/ couple, Gyroscopic effect on Naval Ships, Stability of Two and Four Wheel Vehicles, Rigid disc at an angle fixed to a rotating shaft.

​6. Belt Rope & Chain Drive : Types of Belts, Velocity ratio of a belt drive, Slip in belts, Length of open belt and crossed belt, Limiting ratio of belt-Tensions, Power transmitted by a belt, Centrifugal tension, Maximum tension in a belt, Condition for maximum power transmitted, Initial tension in a belt, Creep in belt, Applications of V-Belt, Rope and Chain drives.


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