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Material Science full Chapter handwritten Notes are written by Ashish sir. In which it Cover ch-1 to Ch-5 you can check the notes syllabus before purchasing

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Material Science Hand-Written Notes Syllabus

ch-1 Crystal Atoms of Solid: Structure of atom binding in solids metallic, space lattice and crystal system arrangement of atoms in BCC, FCC and HCP crystal. Mechanical , Electrical , thermal , Magnetic & optical Properties of materials Types of materials .


ch-2 Plastic deformations of metals: Point and line defects in crystals, their relation to mechanical properties, deformation of metal by slip and twinning, stress strain curves of polycrystalline materials ,Cold and hot working of metals and their effect on mechanical properties .


ch-3 Alloy Formation and Binary diagram: Phase in metal system solution and inter-metallic compounds. Hume-Rottery’s rules, solidification of pure metals and alloy equilibrium diagrams of iso-morphous, eutectic, peritectic and eutectoid system Iron carbon equilibrium diagram.


ch-4 Heat treatment of Alloys: Principles of heat treatment of steel TTT curves Heat treating processes, normalizing, annealing and spherodizing, hardening, tempering, Case hardening austempering, mar-tempering, precipitation hardening process with reference to AI, Cu alloys.


ch-5 Engineering Materials & their applications : Ferrous & Non ferrous metals , base alloys, bronze brasses and Duralumin. Study of Advanced materials: Shape memory alloys, Carbon nano tubes, composite materials, Smart materials Powder Metallurgy: Property and application of powder metallurgy, various processes and methods of making products by powder metallurgy techniques. Polymers & Plastics ,their properties & applications in engineering .Refractory materials .

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