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Machine Design-1 full Chapter handwritten Notes are written by Ashish sir. In which it Cover ch-1 to Ch-5 you can check the notes syllabus before purchasing

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Machine Design-1 Hand-Written Notes Syllabus

CH-1 Mechanical Engineering design – Design considerations, Design Procedure Material selection Modes of failure – Theories of failure , causes of stress concentration; stress concentration in tension, bending and torsion; reduction of stress concentration, theoretical stress concentration factor, notch sensitivity, fatigue stress concentration factor, cyclic loading, endurance limit, S-N Curve, loading factor, size factor, surface factor. Design consideration for fatigue, Goodman and modified Goodman’s diagram, Soderberg equation, Gerber parabola, design for finite life, cumulative fatigue damage

CH-2 Design of Fasteners : Design of cotter and knuckle joints.. Fasteners and keys , Design of welded joints , Fillet and butt welds , Design of riveted joints. Design of bolted joints . Power screws

CH-3 Selection & Design of bearings : Reynold’s equation, stable and unstable operation, heat dissipation and thermal equilibrium, boundary lubrication, dimensionless numbers, Design of journal bearings, Rolling-element Bearings: Types of rolling contact bearing, bearing friction and power loss, bearing life; Radial, thrust & axial loads; Static & dynamic load capacities; Selection of ball and roller bearings; lubrication and sealing.

CH-4 Design of Springs : Design of helical compression & tension spring , design of leaf spring & torsion springs , fatigue loading of springs ,surge in springs ,spiral springs

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